06 Aug 2020

What You Should Work On If You Wish To Improve Your Singing

Our voices are truly astonishing. They vary from person to person, adapt to a variety

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03 Aug 2020

How To Make Music On Your Computer: A Guide

Did you know that being a professional musician is one of the most popular “dream jobs” for

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02 Nov 2019

Top Tech Gifts For Music Lovers

The world has come a long way since the majority of chart-toppers originated in places

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15 Oct 2019

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers For Music Lovers

During your idle time or hangout with friends, some music to jam along with is

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21 Jun 2019

How To Convert MP4 To WMV

“I am trying to convert an MP4 video file that I ripped from YouTube to

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17 Jun 2019

Urban Gears: These Headphones Will Change Your Music Experience

There are times you need that full music experience earphones can’t give. These headphones are

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16 May 2016

A Fun & Vibrant City Simply Has More Festivals

Last year the Institute of Museum and Library Services offered a catchy statistic: the United

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13 Jan 2016

You Need A New Relationship With Urban Noise

You know the drill – walking through the city alone you have your headphones on,

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14 Sep 2015

Marvel At These 10 Cities With Open Air Stages

Listen, watch, and marvel at open-air stages as great as the performances on them. From

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28 Aug 2015

Fun Friday : Three Cities. Public Spaces. Street Pianos.

When walking in downtown Hangzhou, China, one can safely expect to see a healthy variety

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