23 Aug 2019

Mobile Forests Could Help Cities Cope With Climate Change

Cities are becoming harder places to live in as climate change brings higher temperatures, water

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17 Dec 2018

A Living, Breathing City Through Smart Technology

As cities become more congested – the United Nations estimate 70% of all humans will

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03 Dec 2018

Why Daily Doses Of Nature In The City Matter For People And The Planet

The environmental movement is shifting away from focusing solely on raising awareness about environmental issues.

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14 Sep 2018

Give Trees Some Space

Even city trees need some boundaries. CITY TREES, LIKE ALL URBAN dwellers, have to live out

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15 May 2018

US Cities Losing 36 Million Trees A Year, Researchers Find

Scientists warn of environmental threats rising from trend that is ‘likely to continue unless policies

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04 May 2018

Trees Help Cities Save Money – Here’s How

Megacities are on the rise. There are currently 47 such areas around the globe, each

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11 Apr 2018

The Greening Of America’s Cities

Not so very long ago living in a city meant rarely seeing a blade of

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01 Feb 2018

Top 15 Cities With The Most Trees

There’s a global movement encouraging cities to grow more trees and plan more parks. But which ones have

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29 Nov 2017

Why Cities Should Plant More Trees

Cities can take one simple step to combat the impact of urban pollution, climate change,

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28 Mar 2016

A First Look Into Our Future With Urban Forestry

We know intuitively that we need trees in our cities. They enhance the public realm,

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03 Feb 2016

Why We Have Ruined Nature In Cities Too Much

The federal environment and acting cities minister, Greg Hunt, on Tuesday pledged to increase the

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05 Nov 2015

Greener But Not Cleaner? How Trees Can Worsen Urban Air Pollution?

No one enjoys choking on smog, but are more trees really the answer for polluted

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30 Jun 2015

8 Amazing Artificial Arbors Across The World

For years, humans have been making weird trees out of bottles, stoplights, padlocks, and all

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17 Jun 2015

More Trees Means Better Streets Means Amazing Cities


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04 Jun 2015

The Connection Between City Trees And Income Inequality

A new study finds a strong correlation between income level and canopy cover. But the

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19 May 2015

Seoul’s Turning An Old Highway Into A Flowery High Line

  MAKE WAY FOR the High Line effect. Ever since the elevated park turned New

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20 Apr 2015

Londoners Living Near Street Trees Get Prescribed Fewer Antidepressants

By now you’re probably familiar with at least some of the many psychological benefits of

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17 Mar 2015

The Best Technology For Fighting Climate Change? Trees

Between now and 2050, forests are one of our “most promising” geo-engineering tools. When people

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17 Mar 2015

Want Your City To Thrive? Look To Its Trees

Communities like Culver City, California, are focusing on urban forest plans to help protect a

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30 Jan 2015

A Dose Of Nature Helps City Dwellers Fight Their Need For Instant Gratification

An experiment shows that even a simple photograph of greenery can push the brain to

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