09 Nov 2018

What Do States Have Against Cities, Anyway?

For as long as there have been cities and state legislatures in this country, the

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31 Aug 2018

How To Make A New City Feel More Like Home

Sometimes life necessitates moving to a brand-new city; other times it might be entirely your

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24 May 2018

The Transportation Problem No One Is Talking About

Right now, most self-driving cars–like those being developed by Google or Uber–can only operate in

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25 Aug 2017

Why Suburban Tensions & Inequality Will Drive Infrastructure Innovation

The global trend towards suburbanisation and suburbanisms (meaning suburban ways of life) has an important infrastructure dimension. In

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14 Dec 2016

How Cities Can Evolve Through Architecture

“What we’ve learned about modern cities in China was always from the West. But after

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20 Nov 2015

Chicago’s History With Smart Sewage Management To Power Future

Chicago’s wastewater authority plans to slash its energy bill by using bacteria to convert sewage

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18 Jun 2015

Building Infrastructure That Cleans The Air

Barcelona is building a traffic bridge out of pollution-neutralizing concrete. Chicago has paved a road

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09 May 2015

Urban Design == Service Design

High-speed data and mobile communications technology is allowing us to think differently about how we

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05 Mar 2015

What Bacteria Can Do For Your City

Many of us are accustomed to observing our world on the scale permitted by our

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