24 Jan 2019

Why The World Should Be Watching India’s Fast-Growing Cities

The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) predicts that future increases in the world’s

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05 Sep 2018

Our Changing Views Of The City: A New Urban Celebration

The celebration of the city today is widespread. Globally, many cities have fulfilled Louis Wirth’s prophesy

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28 Jun 2018

Cities Make Us Forget What’s Great About Nature

Modern cities have lots to offer, but what does their lack of nature cost us?

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18 Apr 2018

The Global Housing Crisis

Scarce, unaffordable housing is not a local problem in a few places, but is baked

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23 Mar 2018

How Long Can The World’s ‘Least Sustainable’ City Survive?

Set deep in the Valley of the Sun, the lush and sprawling ‘megapolis’ has a

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14 Feb 2018

7 Principles For Building Better Cities

More than half of the world’s population already lives in cities, and another 2.5 billion

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30 Jan 2018

How Slums Can Inspire The Micro-Cities Of The Future

Soon, one third of humanity will live in a slum. Our cities are at breaking

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12 Dec 2017

Can The World’s Megacities Survive The Digital Age?

Today, megacities have become synonymous with economic growth. In both developing and developed countries, cities with populations of

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19 Jun 2017

Smart And Green Real Estate Makes Money Sense, Really

Improved light, ventilation and heat control can boost workers’ productivity by thousands of dollars a

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13 Apr 2017

Amsterdam’s Game Of Thrones Is A Masterpiece

Historical videos inspired by “Game of Thrones,” photos of long-lost neighborhoods, and maps of the

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12 Apr 2017

The World’s Greenest City Out Of Dreams, Oil, Pearls, And Sand.

A decade ago Dubai had one of the largest ecological footprints of any city in

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01 Sep 2016

The Top 10 Most Liveable Cities In The World

The Economist Intelligence Unit, operating under parent media group, The Economist conducts research and analysis

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07 Jun 2016

Public Space Design In The US Through 174 Parks In 25 Cities

Evidence continues to accumulate that parks contribute to greater public health, but for whom? One

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05 Mar 2016

The Challenges Of Managing Global Urbanization

As cities — and slums — grow around the world, governments are going to need

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07 Jan 2016

Top 13 Hottest American Cities To Watch Out For

We’ve found the 15 hottest US cities for 2016, all of which will be booming

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23 Dec 2015

Why Cities Are Its People, All Of Them, Not Just The Few

The huge post-credit crunch buying up of urban buildings by corporations has significant implications for

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31 Oct 2015

World Cities Day 2015 : Better City, Better Life

The United Nations has every 31st of October as World Cities Day. The Day is

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16 Feb 2015

Cities Might Influence Not Just Our Civilizations, But Our Evolution

Cities reverberate through history as centres of civilisation. Ur. Babylon. Rome. Baghdad. Tenochtitlan. Beijing. Paris.

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04 Feb 2015

How Much Public Space Does a City Need?

How much of Manhattan is dedicated to public space? For starters, there’s Central Park, but

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