Smartwatches Vs Traditional Watches

One of the hottest topics in wristwatch industry is which of the two types is the best one. There is no simple answer. Smart watches are very useful, has many more features than a traditional watch. Traditional watches are complex, sleek, luxury and true craftsmanship. Some well-known companies who have been producing excellent luxury watches have incorporated smart functions with traditional watches. Few known hybrid watches with limited smart functionality are Misfit Command, Fossil Q Commuter and X-One. Here we take a look at what both watches offer, it is by no means an opinion about which his better rather the differences they have. No smart watch is worth even close to the price of a complex mechanical craftsmanship wristwatch. Even today Tissot, TAG Heuer, Casio, Rado, Orient watches are sold for more than $3000 while a top of the line smart watch can be owned at and under $1000. See a list of the best cheap smartwatches here.

The tech giant Apple introduced their first smartwatch in 2015 and Samsung’s Gear S2 positioned for best fitness and health gear made its debut the same year. 2016 saw the introduction of TAG Heuer Connected made possible with Intel’s collaboration and which is among several watches powered by Android Wear. Today with the use of premium materials and technological improvement, watches offered by these companies are just at another level. Few smart watches can also function as a standalone phone. There is doubt with time smart watches will get even better as technology progresses which is great for tech lovers. In some future, they may also replace mechanical watches but it’s not going to take a very long time.


Well, both types show the time and date. Smart watches offer way more functions than a traditional watch, it can show you notifications from your favorite social apps, it can show you who is calling, who sent you a message or email. It can also remind you of missed calls, messages and email. Depending on the watch you buy it also offers fitness and health features. A smart watch ca monitor and log your heart beats, calculate the steps you have taken and tell you how many calories you have burned today. You can control your music from the watch or even store and play music from the watch itself. Traditional watches do not have these functions, they tell you the time and date. Some watches have more complexities, complexity here mean the functions like moon phase, perpetual calendar, chronograph, alleviation meter and few more. These watches do not have any electronic component, these are operated by hundreds of tiny pieces working together in sync.

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Materials Used

The most premium materials from sapphire crystal, titanium body and leather are used in Traditional timepieces. Just like jewelry, traditional quartz or mechanical watches are special and long-lasting. You will never get bored with the design of its dial or overall esthetics. Smart watches, on the other hand, comes with low-cost material, most employing stainless steel and plastic body with mineral or gorilla glass.


Smart watches now come with big screens so there is no big difference in case of the dial size. Dials of traditional watches are designed to last for a long time. These are custom designed and drawn to reflect the particular style of watch. Traditional watches are thinner than smart watches. Traditional watch companies look to past designs for modern inspiration so you are connecting to hundreds of years watch making history. The best esthetics and luxury designs are found in traditional watches. Watchmaking is an impressive art and therefore wearing a mechanical watch means that you’re wearing a piece of advanced engineering which have demanded many work hours to produce. Because of that, even preowned watches retain their value or in some cases even rise in price and demand. Smart watches are bulky, they tend to be more functional than to look good. There are few smart watches which looks great but compared to traditional watches these designs are nothing to chant about.

Battery Life

The biggest drawback of a smart watch is its battery life which is improving but currently lasts for a few days. Mighty Apple Watch gives you 18 hours run time, Galaxy Watch can last for 4 days and Huawei Watch GT can work for two weeks on a single charge. So you will be charging smart watch very often just like your smart phone. Traditional watches that are based on quartz movement can operate anywhere from 1 to 3 years on a single battery while mechanical watches do not need any battery as these are operated by kinetic energy transferred to watch’s movement mechanism by the movement of wearer’s wrist.

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Life Span

Primarily, technology evolves rapidly and electronic devices have limited lifespans. This means that as an owner of a smart watch you will find yourself in need to replace it just as you replace your smart phone or computer. With time more demanding applications or processes are employed which old technology cannot handle so you feel the need to get new technology. Electronic components also die with time, they have limited life. Traditional watches do not have any electronic component so these are long lasting.

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