Laid Off In A Big City? Start Your Own Website!

It’s an uncertain time for those living in a big city. Fixed costs like rent are high, and the job market is challenging, to say the least. Being laid off is a depressing experience, and research shows a strong connection between unemployment and suicide. But you can use this time to try something new and strike out on your own. It’s the perfect opportunity to become self-employed and start a website of your own. This way, you get back your self-respect and plunge yourself into a new venture. As a case study, I’ll use the example of Bhagwad Park – a writer who lost a major client and went on to start a successful web hosting coupon site called

How Bhagwad Started

Bhagwad had been a freelance writer for over 10 years. Despite being technically self-employed, he was still majorly dependent on a few select clients for the bulk of his income. In that regard, he was not very different from the average salaried person. A bit worse off in fact, since he didn’t receive any of the perks of formal employment. During a vacation in Nepal, disaster struck. He was told that his largest client was letting him go. And with it, 3/4ths of his income went out of the window.

Speaking to us about this difficult time, Bhagwad recounted how he was mired in depression. The pain of losing a job or an important client has been compared to the pain of losing a loved one. Employment is linked not just to income, but feelings of self-worth and dignity. Having nothing to lose, Bhagwad decided to embark on a project he had been thinking about for a while – he started the website, and so began his lucrative association with Hostgator.

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Recommending Hostgator Coupons

The idea behind was simple. He would compare web hosting discounts, write reviews of hosting companies, then generate sales for a commission. It was a simple business model. He soon announced on his blog, and revealed that he was doing particularly well by selling Hostgator coupon codes. Since then his business has been going from strength to strength.

Two years in, and here’s a snapshot of his earnings from, thanks to his Hostgator sales:

The success of WP-Tweaks was a turning point in Bhagwad’s life. No longer did he have to worry about being fired from a lucrative gig or depend on the largess of someone else to allow him to live his life. True, he still depended on hosting companies like Hostgator, but it wasn’t an employer/employee relationship. He had no boss, no deadlines or fixed working hours. And most of all, his website belonged to him. He wasn’t just a “writer” anymore. He now wrote for himself. gave Bhagwad his life back, and his dignity. The same can be true for you as well.

Starting a Website is Cheap

The great attraction of an online business is that it’s typically ridiculously cheap to start off. For a few bucks a month, you can get a full-fledged website from which to launch your new venture. Unlike brick and mortar businesses, you don’t invest anything, and if you fail, you’re no worse off than you were before you started. No loans, no debts, no bankruptcy – nothing. A website is one of the cheapest investments you can ever make for yourself – and Hostgator happens to have the lowest prices on the market.

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Just like Bhagwad started on a whim, you can too. And just like he found “Hostgator, you will find something that works as well. It’s important to keep your mind open and go wherever the winds are blowing. Bhagwad never thought that selling Hostgator coupon codes would be the game changer for him, but that’s what the market told him, so now he focuses on that. If you persistently work at your business, you too will find unexpected opportunities that you need to seize.

Don’t Lose Hope

Perhaps most importantly, what a new venture will give you, is hope. Just the fact that you’re working on something, trying to succeed, and anticipating the results of a new day will help keep your mind above the murky waters of depression. Despite all that, it’s going to be hard. The consequences of unemployment radiate out to your family and friends. Hopefully, they will support your new venture and give you the encouragement and support that you need. And just like Bhagwad, for whom became a major breadwinner, you too can achieve success with a website of your own. Good luck!

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