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Safety Features That Shouldn’t Be Left Out When Getting A Car

When it comes to purchasing a used car, then there are certain safety features that you want to find in the right car. Purchasing a used car is much better than a new car for a number of reasons. You save money on the car, on your insurance and you don’t face the fast depreciation rates that a brand new car will have. However, there are safety systems that are upgraded every year and there are certain features that you shouldn’t skimp out on when shopping for a used car. 

Buying Used is Better with these Features

Purchasing a used car should be a careful, well thought out process. You will want to be sure to have the car inspected before purchasing it. You also have to find one that has a warranty attached to it when shopping at the right used car dealership for your car needs. You’ll want to seek out a car that has what you are looking for with a price tag that you can afford. It is just as vital to finding the right used car with up to date safety systems. 

With all of the new safety technology on the market today, there are certain features that you need to look out for and certain features to look for in your used car. Listed here are several safety features that are important to seek out in a used car:

  1. The Basic Safety Features

Of course, you can’t purchase a used car without these basic safety features. You must find the right car that has functioning seat belts, and airbags. It is important to check out the value of the car and to also run a report on the car in order to see if the airbags were ever deployed. Check all the seat belts in the car and be sure that all of the airbags are in proper working order before purchasing the car. Airbags are also important when placed around the car. 

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For example, newer cars not only have driver-side airbags but also passenger airbags, which have all been upgraded to detect the driver or passenger’s weight and size as a safety precaution of minimizing the risk of the driver or passengers. Newer cars also feature side airbags that can be deployed if the car is struck or strikes something on the side of the car. This helps keep the passengers safe while also keeping them from being thrown out of the car in the event of a crash. 

  1. Antilock Brake Systems (ABS)

Antilock brake systems were invented in order to prevent the wheels from locking up when slamming on your brakes. Past brake systems didn’t have this feature and the wheels could lock up if you hit the brakes too hard, causing more trauma than needed. ABS systems use sensors in order to stop this from happening and will allow the car to still be moved around an area if needed, even while slamming on the brakes. 

  1. Controlling Traction

Traction control is an important safety feature to find in a used car. It is a feature that will actually limit the amount that your car’s wheels can spin in order to give the car the maximum allowed traction on the road, thus creating a safer driving experience. This is especially vital when driving on icy, snowy, or rainy roads. These systems work hand in hand with the ABS system mentioned above, allowing for maximum control of the car.

  1. Electronic stability control (ESC)

Another safety feature to look for when shopping for used cars is the ESC, which takes controlling traction even further, creating a safer driving experience than ever. This feature allows you to keep your car on the path during a turn, even a sharp turn, without skidding or even sliding off the road. 

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This is done through a series of sensors that are placed around the car and can sense all angles of the car, including the wheel speed and even the steering angle. This is vital for heavier cars, including SUVs. These types of systems will also alert the driver if they are veering out of their lane. Some of the systems even utilize a side of the car’s brakes or slow down the car automatically until the car is on the intended path once again.

With all of these new safety features on the market, then it is easy to find a used car that includes them. It is always better to be safe than sorry when picking out a used car and identifying the proper safety features to look for in the right used car for your needs! 

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