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How Educators Can Help Students Stay Engaged In Class

The global educational landscape has been turned on its head due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sending educators scrambling for help. There is no doubt that there is an additional layer of challenges present with teaching during a pandemic, regardless of if you are back in the classroom or still learning virtually.

Here are four ways that educators can keep their students engaged and focused.

Make it Relevant

It can be challenging for many students to understand the relevance of what they are learning in class. This can become more evident as they move into secondary school and begin questioning why they are spending so much time on a particular activity. You can keep them more focused on the task at hand if you make the learning relevant to their everyday lives. For example, try applying math fraction skills to baking chocolate chip cookies. Once the students see how they can apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real world, they will be more likely to pay close attention to what you are teaching them.

Utilize Technology

In today’s modern digital world, it is easier than ever to leverage these resources as part of your curriculum. There are a number of technological resources that teachers can lean on to inspire students. For example, once you learn what digital storytelling is, you will see how it can become a vital part of the learning process for your students. By using computers to tell stories, students will inherently be more invested and engaged. Not only will your students enhance their literacy, but they will also acquire valuable technical skills that they will be able to use in other areas of their lives. A recent Adobe Education Exchange article said that digital storytelling will “produce exciting outcomes for you and your students.”

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Address Different Learning Styles

It is important to recognize that not every student learns in the same way. While it is impossible for teachers to give every student what they need every minute of the school day, you can ensure that you are reaching all of your learners by teaching to a variety of different learning styles. By choosing a wide array of activities, you will feel confident that every student will find something that meets their personal needs and preferences.

Give Students the Freedom of Choice

Children love to feel as if they are in control of their learning process. By giving your students the freedom of choice, they will automatically be more focused and engaged. For example, instead of dictating that your students read a certain amount of pages from a book, try letting them choose their book or decide to journal instead. As long as you approve the available options, you will know that your students are engaging in meaningful learning that they feel a sense of control over.

Employing these four tips will help to make your students more engaged in the learning process. This will lead to a more productive learning experience for everyone involved.

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