A Field Guide To AI for Business, Institutions, Society, Political Economy: Unveiling the Transformative Power of Artificial Intelligence

Discover the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on every aspect of our lives with “A Field Guide To AI for Business, Institutions, Society, Political Economy.” This comprehensive guidebook offers a compelling exploration of AI’s significance, its influence on diverse sectors, and the critical considerations for a future shaped by this transformative technology.

Content Highlights

The book is designed to be accessible and readable for everyone. You don’t have to be an expert or a technical person in order to understand its contents. Here are some highlights:

Unravelling the AI Landscape

Delve into the essentials with an overview of AI’s significance and its implications for business, institutions, society, and political economy. Gain insights into the dynamic relationship between AI and these domains.

Building AI Foundations

Navigate the intellectual, academic, and research roots of AI, while familiarizing yourself with key concepts, terminologies, and cutting-edge technologies. Explore the vast landscape of learning, encompassing both human and machine capabilities.

AI in Business

Uncover the adoption and transformation of AI in businesses, exploring its profound impact across industries through specific use cases. Engage with the challenges, opportunities, and future of work in the AI era.

AI in Institutions

Examine how institutions embrace AI, from education and healthcare to public services and beyond. Explore the intersection of research, development, innovations, and governance within institutions, while considering the unique implications they face.

AI and Society

Witness the impact of AI on everyday life, social interactions, the digital divide, personalization, privacy, security, bias, fairness, and accountability. Explore the profound societal implications of AI’s advancements.

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AI in Political Economy

Uncover AI’s role in shaping the global economy, influencing international trade, labor markets, income distribution, and national policies. Discover how AI intertwines with key aspects of political economy on a global scale.

AI: Ethics, Regulation, Governance, Safety

Engage with crucial pillars of AI, including ethics, safety, alignment, and the challenges of governance and regulatory frameworks. Explore the governance of AI within organizations, institutions, and the importance of international collaboration.

The Future of AI

Embrace emerging trends, technologies, and the potential impact of AI on society, economy, geopolitics, and global challenges. Prepare for the future with insights on skills, education, policy, and the imperative for responsible AI development and deployment.

Here is an exclusive preview of the book’s contents (click to enlarge):

Reflect on the transformative journey and the need for responsible AI development and deployment. Embrace the opportunities and address the challenges that lie ahead in this AI-powered world.

Get ready to navigate the AI landscape with confidence and gain a deep understanding of AI’s implications for business, institutions, society, and political economy. “A Field Guide To AI for Business, Institutions, Society, Political Economy” is your essential companion on this transformative journey.

Order your copy today and unlock the possibilities of AI!



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