13 Feb 2020

Coronavirus: The Latest Disease To Fuel Mistrust, Fear And Racism

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan, China, stories of courage and

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25 Apr 2019

What To Do Before, During & After An Earthquake

Developments in data science are now paving the way to what in the past is

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31 Aug 2018

Natural Disasters Widen Racial Wealth Gap

Damage that natural disasters cause and the recovery efforts launched in their aftermaths have increased

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12 May 2016

While We Fear The End, These Scientists Live The End Everyday

The scientists at the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center model cyberattacks, global pandemics, and

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30 May 2015

11 Cities On The Verge Of Disaster

It shouldn’t take another Ben Affleck movie full of asteroids, nuclear conflict, or, god forbid,

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24 Feb 2015

Ancient City Ruins Warn Us About Our Urban Future

The ruins of Tikal are surrounded by a national park — 57,600 hectares of rainforest

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13 Feb 2015

Dealing With Blizzards In Major US Cities

Whether two inches or two feet, snowfall can wreak havoc on a city – as

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07 Feb 2015

How Prepared Are We For Climate Change?

Whether you live in San Francisco or Mongolia, climate change is going to impact your

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03 Feb 2015

Predicting Travel Patterns in Future Disasters

Researchers hope mobility data gleaned from Twitter during Hurricane Sandy can eventually help boost New

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02 Feb 2015

The Deadly Rise Of Sea Levels

Climate change is making the oceans rise, creating more and more dangerous situations for our

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30 Jan 2015

What Does it Mean to Rebuild a City?

108 years ago, San Francisco was hit by a major earthquake, sparking fires that decimated

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30 Jan 2015

Disaster Aids Reinvented For Cities

Past response strategies have focused on helping those in remote, rural areas. But when an

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29 Jan 2015

The World’s 10 Riskiest Cities

What are the world’s riskiest cities when it comes to natural disasters? A reinsurance company

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