10 Jan 2020

The Largest Military Forces In The World

China boasts the largest military in the world in terms of available active military manpower,

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12 Dec 2019

The World’s Biggest Arms-Producing Companies

Military services and arms sales last year totalled to $420 billion, this was 4.6. percent

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12 Nov 2019

Don’t Get Confused: The Difference Between Veterans Day & Remembrance Day & Armistice Day & Memorial Day

November 11 marks Veterans Day — and Remembrance Day. If you are in the United

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22 Aug 2018

Soldiers Are Training In Virtual Environments Generated From Real Cities

The U.S. Army can now train soldiers to fight in specific, challenging settings with the

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17 Aug 2018

Why War Evolved To Be A Man’s Game – And Why That’s Only Now Changing

One pattern characterises every war that’s ever been fought. Frontline fighting in warfare is primarily

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02 May 2018

Who Are The World’s Biggest Military Spenders?

US, China and Saudi Arabia top list of military spending. Research institute says world military

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24 Mar 2018

A Brief History Of The Wristwatch

The military origins of wearable tech, a century before the Apple Watch. On July 9,

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05 Feb 2018

Why Does The US Have 800 Military Bases Around The World?

The US has roughly 800 military bases around the globe: from massive military compounds to

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29 Apr 2015

London : The Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum has been a poignant and moving memorial to Great Britain’s involvement

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