10 Jun 2020

The Design Of Dissent: How City Public Spaces Can Make Or Break A Civil Protest

Depending on how it’s built, urban spaces have the power to mobilise or impede protests. 

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14 Aug 2019

How City Squares Can Be Public Places Of Protest Or Centres Of State Control

Today’s urban public spaces tend to represent governments and cities rather than people and citizens.

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03 Sep 2018

What Would Cities Look Like If They Were Designed By Mothers?

Architecture’s lack of diversity shows in environments created by people who never need step-free access

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16 May 2018

Copenhagen Mastermind Jan Gehl Isn’t Sold On ‘Smart’ Cities

Architect and planner Jan Gehl looks back on how he helped transform Copenhagen into one

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30 Nov 2017

Why Are Cities Full Of Uncomfortable Benches

It’s not just you, city benches are actually designed to be uncomfortable.   This video

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13 Sep 2017

16 Ways to Design a Better Intersection—And Better Cities

IF YOU THINK the only purpose of intersections is to move cars past each other, you

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27 Jul 2015

How American Cities Can Learn From Italian Piazzas

When the paradigm of modernist architecture crumbled, urbanists began a quest for credible alternatives that

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20 Jul 2015

What Is The City That Never Sleeps? All Of Them!

One’s experience of a city at night is always singular and intimate, especially when visiting

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19 Jun 2015

How Civic Commons In Philly Makes It More Attractive

With an initiative titled “Reimagining the Civic Commons,” Philadelphia has attracted $11 million from the

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05 Jun 2015

When Public Spaces Are Only Possible With Private Wealth

  It’s no picnic to run a public park these days. Look at Manhattan’s Pier

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01 Jun 2015

The Most Fascinating City Squares In Italy

If you visit Italy you won’t be surprised to realize the wonder you will find

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14 May 2015

Triumph Of The Public Space In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is often praised for its commitment to cycling and infrastructure. With 41% of all

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06 May 2015

Better Design Needed For Drinking Fountains

People would rather pay two bucks for a sealed, clean drink than stoop over a

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29 Apr 2015

Ten Things For The Perfect City

A hipster economy and celebrities misbehaving in public are also essential for the ideal city.

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10 Feb 2015

Amanda Burden: How Public Spaces Make Cities Work

More than 8 million people are crowded together to live in New York City. What

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10 Feb 2015

Graffiti For Cities?

Late last year, 5Pointz a graffiti hotspot in Queens, New York, was whitewashed, erasing years

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04 Feb 2015

How Much Public Space Does a City Need?

How much of Manhattan is dedicated to public space? For starters, there’s Central Park, but

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29 Jan 2015

When it Comes to Parks, It’s Not Just How Many, But Where

The median land area dedicated to park space in U.S. cities is 8.1 percent, according to

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