06 Mar 2020

The 100 Most Solar Cities In America

45 of the 57 largest cities in the United States doubled in solar capacity over

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15 Jun 2018

The World’s Biggest Sources Of Renewable Energy

In the last few decades, we have come to realise the potentially devastating impact of

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17 May 2018

This “Duck Curve” Is Solar Energy’s Greatest Challenge

Electricity is very difficult to store. But most consumers use it in a very predictable

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23 Mar 2018

How Long Can The World’s ‘Least Sustainable’ City Survive?

Set deep in the Valley of the Sun, the lush and sprawling ‘megapolis’ has a

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12 Apr 2017

The World’s Greenest City Out Of Dreams, Oil, Pearls, And Sand.

A decade ago Dubai had one of the largest ecological footprints of any city in

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20 Feb 2017

The Top 5 US States Who Gives A Damn About Our Planet

Across the nation, Americans are going green – and they’re heading online for more information.

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07 Feb 2017

When The Heat Is On, What Should We Do In Our Cities?

The recent spate of heatwaves through eastern Australia has reminded us we’re in an Australian

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06 Aug 2016

The First Solar-Powered Town Will Come From Down Under

The push to go green is in full swing. This steadily increasing trend has pushed

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12 May 2016

US Tech Capital San Francisco Really Loves Its Solar Panels, Here’s Proof

Tech capital is first major US city to require all new buildings of 10 storeys

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29 Dec 2015

How Chile’s Solar Ambition Begins Sky High

Towering 200 metres above the desert, the Atacama 1 will harvest the sun’s energy from

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11 Nov 2015

How To Charge Your Gadgets (& Self) With One Appliance

Workers and visitors to London’s Canary Wharf will be the world’s first to enjoy the

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09 Nov 2015

The Surprising Places Where Solar Is Rising

Golf courses, landfills, and parka pockets become unlikely power sources with the advent of smarter

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21 Oct 2015

The Top 20 Cities Embracing Solar Energy

While giant new solar farms located in rural areas and deserts have been grabbing the

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31 Jul 2015

Australia’s Queensland Set To Become Sunnier With Largest Solar Farm

A sea of glass panels may soon be sprawling across a paddock in Queensland’s Darling

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11 Apr 2015

Keeping Spain’s Streets Bright With Renewable Energy

A combination of built-in wind turbine and solar panels can keep the streets bright without

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12 Mar 2015

The Sun Under Your Feet (And Bicycle) In Amsterdam

Solar panels embedded in the cycle path near Amsterdam could generate enough electricity to power

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