20 Aug 2019

Britain After Brexit: Welcome To The Vulture Restaurant

US business will asset-strip the UK, but that’s not all: the Pentagon will find the

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30 Nov 2018

Does The G20 Summit Really Make A Difference? World Leaders Reckon It Does

“The secret to success is sincerity. Learn to fake that, and you’ve got it made.”

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01 Oct 2018

How Can Countries Help Refugees While Also Raising Their GDP? Let Them Work.

Uganda is an eye-opening example of how displaced people can lift up a nation, say

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19 Sep 2018

Why Cities Rule The World

Cities are the 21st century’s dominant form of civilization — and they’re where humanity’s struggle for survival

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15 Aug 2018

World Poverty Has Plummeted—But Will It Ever Disappear?

Few will deny that the past few years have been rough. But believe it or

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20 Jun 2018

Even If You Build It, The Poor Can’t Come : Against Supply-Side

‘If you build it, they will come.’ It’s a Latin saying – Si tu id aeficas,

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02 May 2018

Against Metrics : How Measuring Performance By Numbers Backfires

More and more companies, government agencies, educational institutions and philanthropic organisations are today in the

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25 Apr 2018

This Striking Feature Of Manila Makes It An Emblematic Global City

Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, Manila. Few would think of Manila atop a list of

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23 Apr 2018

What We Can Expect From China’s Economy In 2018

In 2017, we saw the consolidation of China’s power and influence globally, and of Communist

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01 Feb 2017

Playing The Odds: The Evolution Of The World’s Oldest Game

Gambling is as old as human history itself, embedded in societal culture and is responsible

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12 Oct 2016

The Value Of Airports As Economic Regions

Airports have a lot of untapped economic potential due to their proximity and connectivity to

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28 Jun 2016

The Impact Of Brexit Decision Has Both Near & Far-Reaching Implications

From the possibility of a new trade deal to higher tariffs and quotas, here are

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16 May 2016

A Fun & Vibrant City Simply Has More Festivals

Last year the Institute of Museum and Library Services offered a catchy statistic: the United

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08 Jan 2016

How A Large-Scale Solar Deployment May Look Like

Researchers are examining measures to ensure a reliable future power system. Deploying solar power at

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28 Dec 2015

Will 2016 Be On The Edge For The Global Economy?

As oil prices fall further, China slows and Brazil risks collapse, cracks will be papered

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02 Dec 2015

Global Unemployment Hitting 200,000,000 ++ Wake Up Call?

Global unemployment is forecast to reach 212m people by 2019, according to the ILO. But

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20 Jul 2015

Designing Private Cities, Open to All

The world is building more cities, faster than ever before. China used more cement in

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30 Jun 2015

How Income Gap Is Different From Wealth Gap

David Leonhardt of the Upshot summarised a work from economist Stephen J. Rose as follows:

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29 May 2015

How To Create A City That Already Exists

In Europe 80% of the population lives in cities. The analysis of the economic, social,

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29 May 2015

Why Our Cities Need Smart Transport

The reform of urban mobility remains one of the biggest challenges confronting policy makers around

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22 May 2015

How Cities Can Woo Small Businesses

Small businesses aren’t all alike. Some are restaurants, some are mom-and-pop shops, and some might

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11 May 2015

City Gives To Citizens And Takes Back

Vallejo, California, residents were initially psyched to spend tax dollars on their pet projects. But

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09 May 2015

Build Stadiums To Last

  In the end, all buildings are temporary. A poorly conceived or badly constructed building

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04 May 2015

Infrastructure Criticality

There is no doubt that this remains among the most difficult economic environments we have

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14 Apr 2015

Which US Cities Are Most Ready To Fill Tech Jobs?

Saying that America’s 50-industries-strong tech sector is “the country’s best shot at supporting innovative, inclusive,

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07 Apr 2015

Frankfurt Beats London To Most Sustainable City Title

The Sustainable Cities Index report by Arcadis ranks cities on 20 indicators in five key

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10 Mar 2015

The Logic Of Logistics

The traditional definition of logistics objectives resound into Buddhist-like teachings mandating that the right goods

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09 Mar 2015

The Real Legacy Of Major Events

Cities battle fiercely for the right to host events, whether it is the Olympic Games,

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24 Feb 2015

How To Build A Fairer City

Four leading academics propose the ‘grounded city’ – where sustainable transport, accessible broadband and modest

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24 Feb 2015

The Fading Distinction Between City And Suburb

As high-income people return to cities and urban neighbourhoods, they bring much of their suburban

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11 Feb 2015

The Connection Between Successful Cities And Inequality

New research shows that the largest U.S. cities would do well to focus on workers

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29 Jan 2015

The Age Of The City-States

The largest 300 cities are home to a fifth of the world’s people but account

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29 Jan 2015

The World Cities With The Most Powerful Brands

To establish the list of the world’s most powerful city brands, Saffron, a brand consultancy that prides

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