What You Can Do To Prevent Your New Puppy From Pooping Indoors

Getting a puppy represents an important step in your life. Although the majority of us will melt at the very sight of these furry bundles of joy jumping around, the decision to bring one into your home shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, this is a living creature with a particular set of needs.

However, if you decide to enrich your everyday life and take some cutesy in, you need to know that it requires a lot of love and attention as well as dedication. So, don’t do it on a whim! Make sure your lifestyle leaves you with enough time and energy which you are willing to devote to the cute little beast.

This new addition to your household will have to be trained for the indoors living and that’s not always easy. It requires a lot of patience on your side. One of the biggest problems dog owners face during this adjustment period is teaching your pet not to poop in your house.

So, let’s examine what are some of the best ways to train your dog to take its business outside.

Are Crates a Good Idea?

Finding an ideal pooch is easier now more than ever. All you have to do is browse the internet. On Georgia Puppies Online you can learn about different sorts of breeds. But adopting a puppy is just the beginning.

You will have to set strict rules and make sure your new family member learns to respect them. Each dog is different, so be prepared to invest days or even months for this to happen. When it comes to potty-training, one thing that will make your life a bit easier is a crate.

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New pup parents might wince at the sight of a crate since many of them might see it like a cruel contraption limiting pet’s movement. However, the truth is totally different. Just like lions, bears, and foxes, dogs are also den animals, which means they look for a place of their own and this can serve as a perfect safe-haven for them.

The reasoning behind this training technique is that canines are clean creatures and they will not make a mess in their living space. So, when the puppy feels the need to urinate or poop, they will give you a signal, usually by whining and scratching. Just make sure you react immediately when this happens. If a pooch has an accident in the crate, he or she might take it as a sign that it’s okay to do it not only there but on your carpet as well, which you don’t want to happen for sure.

Creatures of Habits

Just like humans, pets can develop good and bad habits. For a peaceful and happy household, you need to nip the negative ones in the bud. You need to make the puppy understand that there are appropriate and unsuitable potty-spots.

The thing that will help you during this process is creating a schedule that will correspond to the animal’s needs. They have a short digestive tract and will need to poop shortly after having a meal. So after the feeding time is over, put on your walking shoes and hit the pavement. Give your new furry friend a chance to show you how a well-behaved boy or a girl they can be.

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Don’t Forget the Rewards

The puppy will react to your praises and will feel encouraged to do the same thing again. Every time it poops in an appropriate place, let the dog know you’re pleased with its behavior. Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways for your four-legged friend to quickly adopt new habits. Treats can also go a long way. So, make sure to include them in your training sessions.


Forming good behavioral patterns in your pet is not an easy task. In that regard, a crate will serve both you and your companion well. It will be an important training tool, especially when it comes to pooping habits, while it will also represent a special and stress-free place for the canine. Applaud when the pup does the right thing and encourage it by showing affection. Adding some treats to the mix will also be of help.

Love is a necessary ingredient to make a puppy a happy member of your family but setting and following strict rules in the first weeks of building the relationship is just as important. Get informed about the breed you’ve chosen but don’t forget that each dog has a character of its own.

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