Sales Enablement 101: What Is Sales Enablement Software?

Every year, various companies in the U.S. spend more than $900 billion on their sales efforts. This is three times more than these companies spend on advertisement. These companies have learned one thing; sales should be put at the center of every business strategy.

If you want your sales team to work more effectively and efficiently, you will want to ensure that they have all the right tools, materials, and resources. This way, they will be able to convert leads, increase the business revenue, and close more deals. This is exactly where sales enablement software comes in.

To ensure that your team has the right tools, resources, and a good strategy, you should first understand what sales enablement is all about. You’ll need to know how you can use it to boost conversions and grow your business.

What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a continuous process of arming your sales team with training, knowledge, skills, tools, resources, and any other thing that they need to improve the effectiveness of your business’ sales and increase buyer interactions.

It is an interactive process that will put your sales team in your customers’ shoes and enable them to take control of sales conversions. A good sales enablement strategy will help every person in the sales team, not only the key performers, to become more efficient at what they do.

This strategy has a lot of sides to it. It can require the help of other people who do not specifically work in the sales and marketing department to realize an effective strategy that is also easy to consume and implement.

Sales enablement is mainly more about the buyer and less about the sales. Therefore, it is very important to understand who your buyer is, what they want, and when they want to use the resources that you have. This means that an effective strategy should be customer-centric.

Why It Is Important

This strategy is designed to empower every member of the sales department to meet their sales targets. They will also do so in a predictable, scalable, and repeatable manner. Sales enablement plays a major role in scaling sales organizations beyond a few top sellers.

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Sales enablement, just like the name suggests, will equip your sales team with pointers on how to sell. This is what makes it very important.  A good program will give you information like content that you will provide to the buyer, best practices, and tools that your team will use.

The Sales Enablement Strategy

A strategy is an approach that you will take to equip your sales team with what they need to sell effectively. The right strategy should be tailored to your teams’ unique needs to reach your target.

As you develop your strategy, it is also best to keep sales enablement best practices in mind so that you can know how best to boost your teams’ efforts.

Whether you will implement aspects like optimization, technology, or sales enablement software, here are a few things that you should consider.


A good strategy should begin with proper training. Since sales enablement is an ongoing process, you cannot apply traditional training methods. Most traditional methods involve training sales rep once in a year.

It would be best if you provided them with learning programs, demos, and other tools that they can review as much as they want to at their convenience.  Digital learning materials or content will make learning not only easier but also enjoyable. If need be, you can conduct formal training once in a while.


Buyers tend to lose interest quickly if they do not find anything appealing. Therefore, your strategy should have content that is relevant, high-quality, compelling, and attractive. Webinars, video content, case studies, and more can do your sales team a lot of good as long as it is relevant and well presented.

Appeal to your targets and customers’ emotions and give them information that shows them that you understand their challenges and needs. This will help your customers trust you, and they will not hesitate to do business with you.

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Have a wide range of content that can work for both the sales and marketing teams because they both own it. Do not forget to update it regularly so that it can reflect any changes in your business.


Just like you need to measure the results of any plan you implement in your business, you should also measure your sales enablement strategy. This means you should know how to analyze the data and create key performance measurement indicators (KPIs), to help you know if your efforts are paying off.

You should know the content that pays off more, who is using it, and what content your customers have not seen, why they have not seen it so that you can optimize the customer experience.

The success of the strategy also depends on your sales reps’ skills and knowledge and whether or not they are using what you equipped them with. This means that you should also evaluate if the sellers have taken their time to read the training materials, how they score, and use it to identify gaps in the team.

Sales and marketing enablement can have a huge impact on the overall sales of a business and the performance of every member of the sales team.

Get the Right Sales Enablement Software for Your Business

With several software programs to choose from, choosing the right one for your business can be tricky. However, you may want to consider getting sales enablement software that will allow you to automate the training, implementation, and evaluation processes. This way, you can easily track your process and know when and how to adjust your strategy to ensure that it remains effective.

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