29 Jun 2020

Top 6 Reasons To Move To The USA

The world has become smaller in recent years due to globalization and this has meant

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19 Jun 2020

What Is Juneteenth And Why Are People Celebrating It?

What exactly happened on June 19? What is the reason why people are celebrating it?

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15 Jun 2020

Who Came To America, And When?

Here are the key events which have shaped the United States’ long history of immigration. 

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09 Jun 2020

A Month Before George Floyd’s Death, Black And White Americans Differed Sharply In Confidence In The Police

Racial differences in police confidence were observed before George Floyd’s death. Are they still present? 

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09 Jun 2020

America’s Most Diverse, Mixed-Income Neighborhoods

]Which U.S. metro areas have the most people living in inclusive and diverse neighbourhoods? About

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08 Mar 2020

2020’s Best And Worst US States For Women

It will take 99.5 years for the world to attain gender parity, according to the

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06 Feb 2020

Can We Rebuild The Country After Trump?

Can we rebuild the United States after President Trump is gone? And how would we

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28 Nov 2019

12 Best Cities for Small Business in America Right Now

There are more than 30 million small businesses within the United States as of 2018.  Small businesses create

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06 Sep 2019

The Economic Impact Of Closing The Racial Wealth Gap

The United States is one of the world’s largest economic power and this is shown

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08 Jun 2019

Five Reasons Why We Should Be Grateful To Donald Trump

People who are basically good sometimes cannot help doing evil. Conversely, an evil man cannot

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08 Nov 2018

Why Global Talent Clusters Around Cities

For now, U.S. cities lead in attracting global talent, but cities across the world are

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15 Oct 2018

Here Are The Real Boundaries Of American Metropolises, Decided By An Algorithm

How is the U.S. actually split geographically? When we think about where we live, usually our

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05 Oct 2018

How Zoning Laws Are Holding Back America’s Cities

Early city planners dreamt up elaborate ideas for America’s cities. But in their dreaming, they

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13 Aug 2018

The Market Will Give Us Cleaner Energy, If We Let It

Market forces are giving Americans cheaper, cleaner energy. We would all be best served to

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09 Jul 2018

America’s Best Otherworldly Landscapes

Since the beginning of time, man has wondered about other planets. Countries spend millions of

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06 Jul 2018

New Tech Only Benefits The Elite Until The People Demand More

The United States faces an infrastructure crisis. Report after report warns that the nation’s networks are old,

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04 Jul 2018

The Story Behind The Star Spangled Banner

How the flag that flew proudly over Fort McHenry inspired an anthem and made its

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10 May 2018

Love The Bus, Save Your City

Talk of the transportation future is focused on the next shiny thing. But one old

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10 May 2018

Fewer Diplomats, More Armed Force Defines US Leadership Today

A strong legacy of U.S. leadership and engagement in global politics has been reduced today

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27 Apr 2018

How To Fix American Stupidity

When so many obviously intelligent and well-educated Americans claim that global warming is a “hoax”; when we

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03 Apr 2018

Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive In America

Eating junk food isn’t just about taste — it’s expensive to eat healthy in America.

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06 Mar 2018

Is This California Town the Happiest Place in America?

Nestled between San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo has earned a lofty reputation

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05 Feb 2018

Why Does The US Have 800 Military Bases Around The World?

The US has roughly 800 military bases around the globe: from massive military compounds to

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19 Oct 2017

How America Became A Superpower

America grew from a colony to a superpower in 200 years.   This feature is

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11 Sep 2017

Sixteen Years After 9/11, Are We Any Better At Fighting Terrorism?

In the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks — 16 years ago on Monday —

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20 Jul 2017

What 5,000 Americans Think About Urban Design

Park benches, well-maintained lots, planters full of bright flowers, lamp posts — these are public

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13 Dec 2016

Why Dark Glass Giants Rule Our Cities

Slick, glassy skyscrapers cast their shadows over the streets and spaces of cities all over

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04 Aug 2016

35 Ways To Experience America’s 35 Obnoxiously Rich City Suburbs

We’re gonna take a guess: if you’re checking to see if your town is on

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01 Apr 2016

The Top 25 Coolest AirBnBs In America

Last week we unveiled our picks for the 25 Best US Cities to Spend a

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01 Mar 2016

5 Things States Can Do To Bring Transportation Policy Out Of The Stone Age

On its page commemorating the 50th anniversary of President Eisenhower signing the Federal Aid Highway Act,

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22 Feb 2016

More New Jobs Are In City Centers, While Employment Growth Shrinks In The Suburbs

For decades, most Americans working in metropolitan areas have gone to work outside city centers

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23 Dec 2015

Bloomberg Philanthropies Expands Data Help to 13 More Cities

Twenty-one American Cities now Participating in the Nation’s Most Comprehensive Initiative to Help City Halls

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28 Sep 2015


Nostalgic for that four-year vacation called ‘college’? Us too, which is why we’re bringing back

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17 Jun 2015

Cities And Nations Are Founded On Wisdom

The words of some famous people sometimes become more famous than themselves. Throughout American history, some

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03 Jun 2015

America’s Greenest Cities

“Being green isn’t just smart — it might even make you gorgeous.” Irene Lane, founder

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29 May 2015

Where To Find The Quietest Places

New data from National Park Service scientists shows that “most people live in environments where

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06 May 2015

A Beautiful Vision Of An American High-Speed Rail Map

Imagine if the entire country [USA] was linked by 220-mile-per-hour trains. That’s what this map

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30 Apr 2015

10 Most Walkable Cities In America

Cities that make life easier for pedestrians are, to many, better places to live. Studies

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