Why eGovernment Has Such A Long Way To Go

The video accompanying this story was produced for NIC in support of its Innovation Nation initiative.

Two decades after the inception of the eGovernment movement, it is tempting to say, been there, done that, got the portal.

Indeed, as we continue to analyze data from the 2014 Digital States survey, it is clear that many of the features of online service delivery that were once aspirational are now mature practices in most states. The implementation rate of what are considered common features today are above the 90th percentile – online payments (96%), mobile-friendly or responsive websites (98%), transparency (96%), and open data (94%).

There are still some stubborn growth areas. While 94 percent of states report they provide online vehicle registration renewal, only 70 percent do the same for drivers license renewals.

Similarly, in terms of customer service, over 90 percent of states routinely survey user satisfaction but fewer than three-quarters (72%) provide live help online.

Does that mean we are done and can move on to other things? Hardly.

NIC, a sponsor of the Digital States survey, commissioned separate research to assess where the eGovernment movement and where it is going in support of its Innovation Nation initiative.

“The results are encouraging – fully 88 percent of citizens and 92 percent of business respondents agree that online government services are easy to use. Importantly, 91 percent of citizens believe online transactions with government are safe and secure. Equally important, 87 percent of businesses say eGovernment makes it easier to do business with state governments.”

That represents a solid foundation for what comes next. As the accompanying video shows, it creates an opportunity for eGovernment to pivot from basic information and online services to secure transactional services, mobile apps, social media, and websites with responsive design.

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The video is safe for work (SFW) and may just inspire your team to help redefine and rethink eGovernment in ways that meets the needs and expectations of your community.


This feature originally appeared in GovTech.



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