19 May 2016

Not All Ills Of Urban Consolidation Is As Ugly As Media Reports

Neighbourhoods as “battlefields”, “sardine city”, traditional suburbs as “threatened species” and urban hubs as the

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17 May 2016

Why & How Perth Is Testing If Its Strategy Is Really Working

City planning has many approaches that have been used to enable better economic, social and

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15 Apr 2016

The Promise Of City Scale Government As It Should Be

For residents of Australia’s cities, federalism means state governments have the right to assert what

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13 Apr 2016

London Is The World’s Best City? Nature Or Nurture?

Are great places created, or do they just happen? This question is receiving a great

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12 Apr 2016

Making Your Cities More Beautiful With Living Heritage

Architects, urban planners and government policymakers often aspire to make Australian cities more like Copenhagen.

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18 Mar 2016

How Sandtown, Baltimore Reinvents Itself With Community Planning

Across the United States thousands of once thriving working class neighborhoods are boarded up, but

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07 Mar 2016

Gil Penalosa : Citizens Can’t Be Spectators In Urban Planning

Gil Penalosa wants you to act now. So it’s a good thing that when he’s

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03 Mar 2016

10 Cities That Are Shaping The Future Of Urban Living

Cities are frequently at the front line of innovation when it comes to addressing the

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24 Feb 2016

What Makes People Use Public Transport?

As traffic congestion continues growing in urban areas, more and more cities have realized that

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18 Feb 2016

A Limit To Urban Height In Vancouver

We don’t always have to build up to fit more people into a city. Vancouver

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21 Jan 2016

Why Old Ways Of Getting Around Cities Is Clashing With Current Realities

Cities are complex systems. One visible artery of the city is traffic – the cluster

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15 Jan 2016

To Get Less Drunken Violence, Design Better Cities

Tragically, another young life has been lost in an alleged one-punch assault, this time in

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13 Jan 2016

Why Modern Cities Kills Nightingale’s Song

The Commons apartment building in the inner Melbourne suburb of Brunswick has won swags of

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04 Jan 2016

Start Asking People What They Want From The Smart Cities Of The Future

“Future cities, where infrastructure adapts to our needs, offer an enticing prospect.” But who is

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12 Nov 2015

Singapore + Copenhagen = Smart City Fusion

To mark the 50th anniversary of close bilateral ties between Singapore and Denmark, the two

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06 Nov 2015

Migrants Are The Key Source Of Vitality For Cities, Plan Well

The world’s population is becoming increasingly urban. Sometime in 2007 is usually reckoned to be

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29 Oct 2015

Liveable Cities : Who Decides What That Means And How We Achieve It

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has created a new ministry for cities and the built environment.

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19 Oct 2015

Why Lego Is For Both Fun Play And Serious Work

MIT wants to make transportation planning more transparent—and a bit more fun. MIT researchers unveiled

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10 Sep 2015

How Should We Design Cities To Make The Most Of Urban Ecosystems?

Back in 1839, public health expert J F Murray published his article The Lungs of

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31 Aug 2015

How To Build In Neighbourhoods With Lean Methodology

In some ways, is a rejection of wonk — a way to show and not tell.

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24 Jul 2015

How Future Cities May Look More Like Natural Forest And Why It Matters

With its broad strokes of thinking and long-term implementation, urban planning isn’t the most exciting

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23 Jul 2015

How Successful, Leading Cities Solve Problems Globally

“How do some of the most successful, leading cities in the world solve their problems?

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14 Jul 2015

How To Create A Sustainable Community With Public Works

Communities both big and small are having a sustainable makeover in order to reduce energy

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03 Jul 2015

DIY Guide : How To Build A City From Scratch

From Songdo, South Korea to Lavasa, India via Egypt’s unnamed new capital, everywhere you look

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26 Jun 2015

How Spaces Of Resilience Begins With Spaces For People

People need public spaces in bad times as well as good. Public spaces are very

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26 Jun 2015

What’s The Perfect Size For A City?

The world’s cities are sprawling over their boundaries, fragmenting into smaller parts run by competing

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24 Jun 2015

How Smells Of The City Can Now Be Seen

There are many ways to map a city: a basic street map, a neighborhood breakdown,

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09 Jun 2015

How To Make Infrastructure Sexy


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02 Jun 2015

Well Done Vancouver! Well Done Planners!

Much of my life’s work is based on the optimistic assumptions that people are basically

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19 May 2015

What’s The Best Way To Plan A City?

A lot of municipalities want to plan for more sustainable urban growth and are applying

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14 May 2015

Triumph Of The Public Space In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is often praised for its commitment to cycling and infrastructure. With 41% of all

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09 May 2015

Model Village Lessons

  Visiting a new settlement planned on utopian principles during my travels through France this

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04 May 2015

Walkonomics And The High Line Effect

  Investing in walkable public spaces should be a no-brainer; they can be a catalyst

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04 May 2015

People Need More Energy Than Blue Whales

Geoffrey West doesn’t eat lunch. His doctor says he has a mild allergy to food;

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16 Apr 2015

Throwback Thursday : Forgotten Plans For NYC Worth Looking Into

New Yorkers can be thankful that some of the “great ideas” of past visionaries never

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15 Apr 2015

Wellington NZ’s 10-year Plan

  Infographic references as shared with Citi IO, courtesy of our good friends from Grow Wellington. Thank you.

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15 Apr 2015

What A 2-Year-Old Can Teach Us About City Planning

Eric Feldman is used to viewing his neighbourhood through a designer’s lens. Lately, however, he’s

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11 Apr 2015

Smart Is As Smart Does. Stupid Just Does Nothing.

There’s community and there’s commuting. Let’s not confuse the two. With the population growing and

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08 Apr 2015

How Is China Transforming Its Cities?

China is showing the rest of the world how to expand and transform its cities.

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07 Apr 2015

Planning Healthy Cities, A British Approach

The trend for urban populations to be healthier than their rural counterparts is known as

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27 Mar 2015

Georges-Eugène Haussmann : Arrondissments & Boulevards

Paris, dubbed the ‘The City of Light’ (“La Ville Lumière”), one of the most beautiful

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25 Mar 2015

Streets Are For People, Not Cars

What makes cities vibrant and successful? Top of the list is urban spaces – including streets

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25 Mar 2015

The Evolution Of Urban Planning In 10 Diagrams

Le Corbusier’s plan may not have had such power if he hadn’t put it on

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19 Mar 2015

The Insanity Of City Street Grids

A new data visualisation reveals exactly how serpentine some cities’ road patterns can be. Stephen

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13 Mar 2015

Water Must Drive City Planning

Six of the ten largest US cities are located in the arid southwest region. Would

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11 Mar 2015

What Makes A City Beautiful?

A provocative new video featuring Alain de Botton says beauty in urban settings must be

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07 Mar 2015

Downtown Is For People

This is a classic article by Jane Jacobs originally published in Fortune Magazine in 1958.

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05 Mar 2015

If Women Built Cities, What Would Our Urban Landscape Look Like?

The number of women in UK architecture firms is falling, and many urbanists are worried

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04 Mar 2015

Should The World Plan For Fewer (Not More) People?

Current UN projections show that there will be 11 billion people living on Earth by

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27 Feb 2015

Radical Old, Futuristic New: 9 Visions For Chicago

Chicagoisms, at the art institute, explores the city’s progressive urban design and enlists architects’ riffs

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