31 Jul 2020

6 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Ask any investment expert and they will tell you that the best investment you can

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08 Jun 2020

How To Properly Finance Your Real Estate Business

When venturing into any business, securing the capital needed is a critical concern. Luckily, no

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11 May 2020

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent

If you want to buy or sell a home, you might think that the best

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29 Jan 2020

Millennial Millionaires Are Redefining What A Good Location Means In Real Estate

Housing in America is expensive, and the price tags are still on the rise. This

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21 Jan 2020

Real Estate Trends In Texas For 2020

The real estate market in the USA is massive, and only getting larger. The population

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26 Sep 2019

We’re Increasingly Bombarded With Choices – And It’s Stressing Us Out

Log onto Netflix, and you’ll be presented with a menu of nearly 6,000 titles. Create

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06 Feb 2019

It’s Official – Hong Kong Is The Most Expensive City In The World To Live In

The most expensive cities to live in around the world in 2019 have been revealed

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27 Nov 2018

How Do We Improve Cities Without Causing Displacement?

As demand for urban living continues to increase, how do we make our cities better

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04 Jul 2016

Hong Kong, Hong Kong … Why So Costly … Says Expats

London falls from 12th to 17th place in annual survey amid declining value of pound

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16 Jun 2016

Some Services Simply Needs Government & Cannot Be Privatized

The New South Wales government is set to privatise its land-titling services. This decision may

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21 Mar 2016

New York City Neighborhood, A Precursor To America’s Urban Future

When you exit the elevated number 7 subway at the 74th Street station in the

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07 Jan 2016

Top 13 Hottest American Cities To Watch Out For

We’ve found the 15 hottest US cities for 2016, all of which will be booming

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25 Jun 2015

Housing Cost Myth Of New York City

New York City consists of over 325 neighborhoods. But few New Yorkers include more than

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