16 Jul 2020

The Top 50 Smart Cities In The World 2020

Here are the world’s smartest cities, according to a research published by IESE Business School

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28 Sep 2018

How Blockchain Systems Could Bring About The Age Of Smart Cities

Various technological up-and-coming trends are projected to have a massive impact on our everyday life

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27 Sep 2018

Fixing All The Most Annoying Parts Of City Life

From public brawls to garbage piles, cities are solving some long-standing nuisances. Street Fights Could

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03 Aug 2018

Cities Are Central To Human Flourishing

In many countries today, cities are the centers of innovation, engines of growth, and home

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30 Jan 2018

How Slums Can Inspire The Micro-Cities Of The Future

Soon, one third of humanity will live in a slum. Our cities are at breaking

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16 Dec 2016

Essential Gear For The Urban Dweller: The Gadgets

Last but certainly not least, we go to the finale of this series and what

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01 Dec 2016

Essential Gear For The Urban Dweller: The Accessories

We previously covered some good options for bags in the first part of this series,

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29 Nov 2016

Essential Gear For The Urban Dweller: The Bags

Living in the city can be a daunting endeavour where everything is so fast-paced, it

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01 Sep 2016

How Modern Luxury Meets Traditional Sensibilities

Looking at the image above, one would think it came off of a sci-fi movie

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15 Jun 2016

Stop Detaching A City’s Life & Fate With The Planet’s

Back in the 1960s, the influential urban planner and journalist Jane Jacobs put American cities

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20 May 2016

Heaven Or Hell On Earth? At The Fringes Of World’s Biggest Cities

Over eight years, photojournalist Adam Hinton spent time in the slums of Rio de Janeiro,

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29 Apr 2016

As More Of Asia Prospers, Obesity Becomes A Weighty Deal

Extra body weight has long been associated with wealth, as evident from Renaissance art to

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25 Apr 2016

Mobile Big Data Discoveries Show Social Segregations In Hong Kong

There’s plenty to learn about where residents travel each day, and with whom they choose

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10 Mar 2016

An Ethical City : An Idea Whose Time Has Come (Or Has Long Been Delayed)

Globally, there is intense discussion about the future of urban life through the World Urban

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05 Feb 2016

Why The Downward Spiral Of Inequality Is Becoming Harder To Fix

Why does economic inequality—as opposed to just poverty—matter? There are a lot of reasons, but

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29 Jan 2016

Could This Be The Best Cities To Live In The USA?

Livability’s third annual ranking of the best small to mid-sized cities in the U.S. They ranked more

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18 Jan 2016

Getting Lost In Singapore’s Street Names? Discover Here.

The Street and Building Names Board was only established in 2003. In the past, street-naming fell

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13 Jan 2016

Why Modern Cities Kills Nightingale’s Song

The Commons apartment building in the inner Melbourne suburb of Brunswick has won swags of

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04 Sep 2015

On The Edge Of Existence, The City Of Timbuktu

What is life like in Mali’s ‘city in the middle of nowhere’? Guardian photographer Sean

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24 Aug 2015

How Data Analytics Help Cities Re-think People’s Health And Safety

In cities around the country, we’re seeing the beginning of fundamental change in how governments

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24 Aug 2015

Why Millennials Will Soon Leave The Cities They Remade

Officials in several cities transformed by young adults try to predict their next move. For

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14 Feb 2015

When It Comes To Falling In Love With Cities, Size Matters

Before Joan Didion left New York, she fell in love with it, “the way you

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07 Feb 2015

Harnessing City Sounds For Better Urban Living

Counting cars, finding where shootings have occurred, and counting wildlife: all of this can be

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