4 Reasons the Sports Industry is Embracing Mobile Technology

Advanced technologies are disrupting various industries worldwide. As long as new innovations keep turning out, there will always be something fresh to look forward to in the digital field. The progression of mobile technology is one example of this, with countless developments being made consistently throughout hugely important sectors like finance, healthcare, education, and more. This can also be seen in the landscape of the sports industry, specifically in the ways that fans and sports brands are directly benefitting from the technology. In this article we take a look at just a few reasons why the world of sports is continuing to embrace mobile solutions in an increasingly digital world.

Nowadays, it is common for many sports sites to have easy-to-navigate mobile app equivalents

Mobile App Equivalents Forge Loyalty  

In 2021, you’ll be hard pressed to find an online brand that does not accommodate their services for mobile navigation. The sports industry is no different, with many sports-related businesses developing mobile apps in order to connect with fans on a deeper level. These apps generate loyalty amongst target audiences because they keep supporters in touch with what is going on with their favorite teams and players 24/7. By sending regular live updates or touch notifications, sports brands are able to expand their reach and ensure that their fans do not go elsewhere to receive valuable information like scores, stats, game predictions, and more.

Added Convenience Factor Increases Engagement

It goes without saying that brands in the sports industry want to make their fans’ lives as easy as possible, so that they will engage with their services and products more frequently. Nowadays, mobile technology is allowing the sector to reach more and more users that prioritize convenience above all else. For many enthusiastic sports supporters, for instance, sports betting is an important aspect of fandom. Here, many different online providers compete for customer attention, but those with mobile app solutions often garner more traffic. For example, theScore Bet Sportsbook Review gives fans an overview of theScore Bet platform, allowing potential users to see that they have both iOS and Android mobile app options. This feature increases engagement automatically as fans are becoming more and more interested in wagering on-the-go.   

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On-the-go web surfing is invaluable for the modern mobile user, and especially for the modern sports fan

Data Analytics = Tailored Content

Data Analytics is another technology buzz word that has been floating around recently. In the context of the sports industry, mobile technology and analytics work hand in hand to enhance marketing power across channels. For example, brands are able to better understand their target audience’s behavior on their mobile apps thanks to analytics which break down information by different demographics like geographic location, age, job title, etc. In this way, brands can see which content is hitting home with which audiences and which content is not moving users towards action. This forges an all-around stronger fan experience, benefitting both sporting companies and their loyal followers.   

In-App Social Features Create Community

It’s clear that smartphones keep us connected, as many of our social experiences nowadays take place on these tiny mobile screens. From video chats to scrolling on Instagram, there are hundreds of different social actions we make each day that are rooted in mobile technology. The sports industry knows this and that’s why nowadays you will notice that many sports-related apps come with social integrations that have been specifically built into them. This is so that fans can share data on networks like Twitter or Facebook, creating relationships with other like-minded supporters and ultimately enhancing their fandom as a whole. A range of content such as breaking sports news, betting odds, playback videos, and player profiles can be shared with friends through these popular social networks.

Additionally, as 5G technology becomes even more widespread, opportunities to connect remotely with more people around the world will as well. After all, slow internet speeds can disrupt both personal and professional life, so being able to rely on low latency levels when surfing the web is a must.

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