07 May 2019

Colonialism As Mitosis – The Rise And Fall Of Empires, Rendered As Cell Division

During the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, Great Britain, France, Portugal and Spain controlled vast

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25 Jun 2015

Housing Cost Myth Of New York City

New York City consists of over 325 neighborhoods. But few New Yorkers include more than

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09 Jun 2015

How To Make Infrastructure Sexy


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03 Jun 2015

A New Way To See The World

MATTHEW SHAW AND William Trossell document the world with lasers. When the duo founded ScanLab

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25 May 2015

How Fractals Bring Imaginary Cities To Life

Emily Garfield like to say that she grows cities. With pen, ink, and watercolor, the

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16 May 2015

Mapping The Age Of Every Building In Manhattan

A tool called Urban Layers tracks Manhattan’s rise, block by block, since 1765. The Harlem

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16 May 2015

An Insanely Detailed, Hand-Drawn Map Of San Francisco

It took illustrator Jenni Sparks three months to finish this secret-laden cartography. For London’s Jenni Sparks,

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21 Apr 2015

200 Years Of U.S. Immigration, In 1 Colorful Infographic

A new data visualisation captures the waves of arrival. In 1819, Congress passed a law

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20 Apr 2015

Mapping The Morning Rush Hour In US

In Nevada, you’re likely to leave for work between midnight and 5 a.m. The time

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17 Apr 2015

What Your City Would Look Like In Tron

Stacks of geometric blue shapes represent skyscrapers. Cars become shooting yellow dashes moving across the

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11 Apr 2015

The One Chart That Explains All Your Traffic Woes

When we build more roads, we invite more cars. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck

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05 Mar 2015

Visualising The City Of Barcelona

At night in Barcelona, Gaudi’s Parc Guell lights up, and the little restaurants in Las

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